Leader-Led Culture Conversations – September Topic is ‘Curious’

CHI Saint Joseph Health

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Focus on the concept of ‘Curious’ Sept. 1-30

Our culture concept focus this September is on staying Curious. How well are you practicing this concept and encouraging your employees to do the same? Learn more about staying Curious and make time at an upcoming meeting this month to have a conversation with your team.

Creating an environment where people explore other’s perspectives and new ways of doing things from a Curious mindset rather than close-minded is key to thriving in today’s rapidly changing health care environment. One way to create such an environment is to become more aware that your mindset impacts your behaviors. Remember the moods we experience on the Mood Elevator tell us about the quality of our mindset.

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Some key points to remember:

• 5:1 Feedback: Whether you’re a safety coach, leader or staff member, it’s important to stay curious and remember the concept of 5:1 feedback when coaching co-workers to ensure that harm does not occur. It’s a communication ratio in which we have five positive/praise interactions to every one coaching-to-correct interaction we have. Safety is a team sport and using 5:1 feedback helps us to focus on all the amazing things we’re doing for safety.

• Integrity: Our core value of Integrity – doing the right things in the right way for the right reason – invites us to be Curious. Being Curious about your current mindset, as cued by the Mood Elevator, enhances your self-awareness which, in turn, helps you have greater integrity in decision-making and action.

Our culture concepts guide our work at CHI Saint Joseph Health and help to provide safe, quality care and exceptional service. Thank you for participating in our ongoing culture leader-led discussions.