Supporting Each Other through Time Off Assistance Banks

CHI Saint Joseph Health

Our Time Off Assistance Bank Appreciates Donations, Helps Colleagues

As a community of employees, we support each other to imagine our Best Selves, not only at work but in our personal lives. Most of us will experience some personal hardship – such as illness or the death of a close family member – during our time here. At times, we may not have enough paid time off hours available to cover the time we need to be away from work. That’s why we maintain a Time Off Assistance Bank that any of us can apply to when the need arises. It’s one way of supporting each other through personal hardships and strengthening our employee community.

The availability of Time Off in the bank depends on donations from you and your colleagues, and we ask everyone to consider making a donation. For example, you may have more vacation days than you can use – remember, your total accrual of vacation days can’t be more than 125% of your annual vacation days. If you’re about to accrue more than 125% of your annual vacation days, you have the option to donate some of that time to our Time Off Assistance Bank, rather than simply forfeit the time.

There’s a lot more to know about our Time Off Assistance Bank, including how easy it is to donate or apply. Please see our Q&A document. If you need additional information, please talk with your manager or one of our human resources team members.

Download a quick reference flyer for posting/sharing.