Your 2019 Medical and Dental Plan Information is Available on HR/Payroll Connection

CHI Saint Joseph Health

The medical and dental SPDs, or summary plan descriptions, provide a detailed explanation of the benefits available to you for 2019. It's a good idea to review your SPDs each year so you have a full understanding of your benefits coverage.

See the compliance section of HR/Payroll Connection for all of your important benefits documents. It's conveniently available 24/7.

Your important documents include:
  • Legal notices
  • Life insurance certificates
  • Long-term disability summary plan description (SPD)
  • Market exchange notices
  • Medical and dental SPD amendments
  • Medical and dental SPDs
  • Medical summaries of benefits and coverage (SBC)
  • Privacy practices notice (HIPAA)

No need to keep paper copies on hand.
If you prefer a paper copy, you may print it locally. If you do not have access to a printer locally you may request a copy by contacting the HR/Payroll Connection Support Center at 1.844.450.9450.