Take Your Time

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You've earned the time off, so use it! Plan a family-fun summer vacation. Whether your family wants to "hit the road" or stay home, here are some ideas and tips for a great summer vacation.

First, Plan Your Time Off

  • Check to ensure you have enough vacation/PTO to cover your planned time off. 
  • Arrange your time off with your manager well in advance of your trip.
Then, Plan Your Time

If a road trip is your idea of fun, here are some tips for the perfect family trip:

  • If you have preschoolers, set daily goals before you leave and plan to do most of the driving during morning and afternoon nap hours.
  • You can be more flexible and spontaneous with older children, but be sure to include some activities just for them.
  • Make the time fly by for everyone by playing classic travel games.

Family camping trips can create a lifetime of memories. There are many camping options available depending on the type of experience you want.

  • National and state parks often provide cost-effective camping spots and offer a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities.
  • Privately-owned campgrounds may cost more, but they usually offer more amenities.
  • When searching campgrounds, ask about playgrounds and programming for families.
  • You can't control the weather, so don't forget your bug spray, binoculars and a rain jacket!

Whether it's for a day or a week, here are some smart tips for having a fun, safe time at the beach.

  • Set your beach towels and umbrella near the lifeguard station to ensure a safer visit.
  • Apply sunscreen every two hours whether in or out of the water.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.
  • Remember your buckets and shovels for building sand castles and collecting seashells.

And, don't forget the "staycation." Look for fun things to do close by that won't require an overnight stay. Some ideas are:

  • Theme parks and water parks
  • Museums
  • State and local parks
  • Zoos and aquariums
  • Sporting events
  • Bowling
  • Movies
  • Festivals

If you would like to know more about your vacation/PTO and other benefits, visit the Time Off & Leave page on the well-being pages on InsideCHI.