Be Aware of Social Engineering Tactics

CHI Saint Joseph Health

It’s important for all of us to be aware of social engineering tactics. Social engineers are devious about finding ways to access sensitive and confidential information. Here are some of their most common attack types:

• Phishing: Emails, phone calls, text messages or in-person attempts by a person or organization masquerading as a trustworthy source.

• Spear phishing: Phishing attempts customized for an individual or specific group of people.

• Vishing: Tricking a victim into calling a phone number and revealing sensitive information.

• Smishing: Tricking someone via text message into downloading malware to a mobile device.

• Waterholing: Capitalizing on trust in frequently visited websites.

• Tailgating: Following an authorized user into a restricted area.

Being aware of these social engineering tactics is the first step in recognizing and preventing a social engineering attack. For more ITS Security Tips, click here.