Why Are You Called to Serve?

CHI Saint Joseph Health

At CHI Saint Joseph Health, we are called to serve. Below, our employees share with us how they live out this call to service and the reasons why, along with other moments of gratitude and appreciation. Let us know your reasons!

“I had a patient who was receiving outpatient chemotherapy. He had a severe allergic reaction to the chemo and coded. As we were getting him back, his wife had a seizure. Both recovered with no problems. They sent me flowers to thank me for what I did. This reaffirmed for me why I became a nurse.” – Bonnie McCulloch, 3B, Saint Joseph Hospital

“I’m thankful for my wonderful family – husband, children, granddaughter, brothers, sisters, aunt, and in-laws. I’m also thankful to be able to serve my community and our staff in the mission of health care.” – Mary Newton, Infection Control, Flaget Memorial Hospital

“One year a very special and dear friend that I worked with invited my husband and me to their home for Thanksgiving. It was so special and meant the world to us since my parents and my husband's parents have passed away. Now we have a second family that we are so thankful for.” – Yvonne Tout, ER, Saint Joseph Mount Sterling

“I chose a career in health care because I wanted to help my developmentally disabled brother with his medications. What you do for yourself leaves when you are gone. What you do for others lives on after you are gone. Everyone here is committed to do the best for the patients with God working through us.” – Marintha Short, Pharmacy, Saint Joseph Hospital

“My son was born early with respiratory problems and went to the NICU for two weeks. They saved his life and I wanted to have a career where I could help other people. My Flaget family and co-workers motivate me each day. We are an excellent health care system with people who truly live out the core values.” – Heather Mattingly, QRS, Flaget Memorial Hospital

“I want my career to matter – to make a difference in people's lives. I want to continue to push myself to be the best version of me that I can be. My faith pushes me to be my best whether at work or in other aspects of my life. It is evident in the leadership and woven in the fabric of all levels of employees that there is a mission here. Whether you are of faith or not, the faith-based component drives what we do.” – Robert Mayne, Pharmacy, Saint Joseph Mount Sterling

“To help others and reflect Christ in my work. I love my job, the people I work with and the mission it represents. A smile and a thank you goes a long way. Be kind to people, it makes a difference.” – Sherry Owens, Unit Coordinator Lead, Med/Surg, Saint Joseph London

“I wanted to make a difference in people's lives. I have two family members through the years who were in hospice and it touched my life with the care they received. I wanted to do that. To continue to feel like I make a difference for patients, family members or co-workers motivates me each day.” – Sherry Wilson, RN, ICU, Saint Joseph Berea

“My father was a critical care nurse before he retired and he encouraged me to use my skills in a hospital. As is often stated here, we are either helping patients or helping those who are helping patients, so I am proud to be in that second group. I keep a joyful attitude and helpful spirit.” – Brett Mason, System Analyst, Access & Logistics, Saint Joseph Hospital

“That I can make someone feel better even if I'm not able to heal them physically motivates me every day. I remember how lucky I am each day to be healthy and how I am able to serve others who aren't as fortunate. Everyone here from beginning to end delivers care with a smile and a caring hand.” – Stephanie Brockman, RN-Supervisor, Inpatient, Flaget Memorial Hospital

“After my mom was ill, seeing her nurses take care of her and how they helped and cared for her, inspired me. My patients motivate me every day. People should choose us because we offer personalized care – people who live in the community, serving the community.” – Jessica Winters, RN, Infusion, Saint Joseph Mount Sterling

“Helping change people's lives motivates me every day ... taking action when someone needs help, even if it's just being a person to listen. We have an amazing team with a focus on excellent patient care.” – Harley Roxanne Gray, RN, WCC, Wound Care Center, Saint Joseph London

“I enjoy the work I do. I enjoy talking to the patients and hopefully something I say will give them a smile and make their day a little better. My love of God motivates me each day and I want to always be a helping hand for someone who needs it.”  – Sandy Parker, Radiology, Saint Joseph Berea

“Every day is different and offers opportunities to make positive changes. I strive to make a positive difference in someone's life each day. I get to work with people that share the same passion to make a difference.” – Beverly Blanton, IT Physician Liaison, CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group

“Coming to work knowing I can assist patients even without direct patient care motivates me every day. I do my best to live our mission by doing the right thing all the time. CHI is patient-oriented and it feels like you are with family when you are here.” – Stephanie Dugger, HIM, Flaget Memorial Hospital

“I felt drawn to help those in need. I'm grateful for the ability and the opportunity to improve someone's health or comfort families who are grieving. There will always be people that have mental and physical needs – I get a great deal of satisfaction seeing that my efforts have helped those that need it.” – Annie Campbell, Stroke & Chest Pain Coordinator, Saint Joseph Mount Sterling

“Coming to work each day, you are challenged with many tasks that in the end help someone. The example you set in your community is an example of what kind of person you are. How you treat people is an example of what type of person you are.” – John Feltner, EVS, Saint Joseph London

“I want to give back to my community and show compassionate care that patients deserve. We see very nervous and sick patients, so they appreciate a calm person with a smile and a hug, just to let them know someone cares. We treat our patients like family. God has called us to serve those in need.” – Rhonda Carl, Cardiovascular Services and Nuclear Medicine, Saint Joseph Berea

“Getting up and coming to work, knowing that I play a big role in caring for patient and family, motivates me every day. God has chosen me to serve to witness. We all are here to serve and help patients heal.” – Joyce Gray, Environmental Services, Saint Joseph Hospital

“Knowing my patients are depending on me to help fight their battle with cancer, motivates me each and every day. I treat every being that I come into contact with as a sacred entity. CHI Saint Joseph Health puts patients first!” – Jana Jones, Radiation Therapist, CHI Saint Joseph Health – Cancer Care Center at Flaget Memorial Hospital

“I enjoy taking care of our patients in our small town. I know many of them personally and want to give them the care they deserve on a personal level. We are faith-based and try to be an extension of what God would want us to be.” – Shelly Sanders, APRN, Hem/Onc, Saint Joseph Mount Sterling

“I have always enjoyed helping and serving others. Health care was a natural choice for me. My motivation comes from ensuring each of our employees has the knowledge and skills they need to take exemplary care of the patients we serve.” – Jody Brown, MSN, RN-BC, Education, Saint Joseph London

“I love my job and the people. I love feeling like I'm making a positive difference at Saint Joseph Berea and in the Berea community. I'm always ready and willing to help in any way possible. CHI Saint Joseph Health is a place filled with compassion and love for anyone involved, from patients to employees as well as community.” – Kathy Maggard, Inventory Tech, Supply Chain, Saint Joseph Berea

“I like the thought that I make a difference in people's lives. The equipment I keep running allows doctors to diagnose and better do their jobs. We are a great team who cares about our patients and only want the best for them.” – Dan Cutshall, Clinical Engineering, Saint Joseph Hospital

“Each day I am excited to see how I can use the gifts God has given me to help others. It is a personal mission. Whether it's a patient or my coworkers, I have always loved to help people. It is an honor to work for an organization that allows you on a daily basis to use your God-given gifts to help people heal. I really love the fact we are carrying on the mission work of the Catholic nuns, with the ultimate goal of caring for the sick.” – Amanda Jean Thompson, PharmD, Pharmacy, Flaget Memorial Hospital

“I love to work with people and I love learning about the human body. I get the opportunity to help people who are in pain and/or sick get back to how they were moving and functioning before this difficult time.” – Katherine Perkins, PT, Rehab, Saint Joseph Mount Sterling