PCA Results 2019

CHI Saint Joseph Health

By Bruce J. Tassin, MBA, CEO, CHI Saint Joseph Health

Bruce J. Tassin, MBA,
CEO, CHI Saint Joseph Health

As you are aware, we recently completed our 2019 Performance Culture Assessment, and I want to thank each of you who provided feedback about your experience as part of the CHI Saint Joseph Health Team.

More than 3 in 4 employees completed the assessment; reflecting an overall participation rate of 77%, which is higher than last year’s participation. This excellent participation rate means that the results are a true indicator of how a majority of our employees feel about working for this ministry. In fact, national research shows that higher participation correlates with higher patient safety outcomes and better overall work experiences.

For 2019, our overall employee engagement score was 4.02 on a scale of 5, which means that you are highly engaged with the work that you do. Our score is also aligned with the overall national 4.02 average across CommonSpirit Health (formerly known as CHI).

The results of the survey tell us that you find meaning in your work, you feel as if your leader treats you with respect, you like the work that you do, and you see every patient as an individual person with specific needs. In addition, and as a result of the feedback provided in all areas of the assessment, our top priority will be to ensure that your department is adequately staffed and that you have opportunities for career development.

Over the coming weeks and months, your leaders will review your team’s results with you, and you will be involved in developing an action plan to improve your employment experience even further. We have so much positive momentum at CHI Saint Joseph Health, and many exciting improvements and initiatives planned for the near future. Our patients and the community are noticing the positive change within our organization, and that simply would not be possible without you. Thank you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to the legacy of Saint Joseph, and to the ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.