Annual Performance Review – Evaluate Your Team in Workday

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Please commit to on-time reviews for every employee, honest feedback to help your employees grow and completing your manager evaluation and ratings by Aug. 4.

Now that your team has completed their self-evaluations, it's your turn. Now through Aug. 4, it's time to complete your employees' performance evaluation and ratings in Workday. As a leader, you have a responsibility to invest in your employees’ development, and recognize and expect strong performance. View performance management as a two-way conversation that happens throughout the year. This time of year becomes the summary of their past 12 months of performance.

*The Calibration step is where the team leaders conduct meetings to calibrate employee ratings, ensuring that the distribution of ratings is appropriate, particularly with Significantly Exceeds, Exceeds and Meets Expectations. Each manager must click on the "Hold for Calibration" button in Workday as their final step.

How to evaluate and rate employees

Your evaluation and rating of your employees in Workday is critical to helping them know how they’re doing and how to improve. When assigning a rating to your employees consider: 1) the results the employee achieved, and 2) how they achieved those results.

For information on our performance ratings, view our handy performance ratings definitions guide.

Reminder: Significantly Below Expectations, Below Expectations and Significantly Exceeds Expectations are considered exception ratings. If you assign one of these ratings to your employee, your one-up manager will need to approve. Workday will route it to them through the system. You will not need to print, scan or email.

It’s time to practice
We’ve created an interactive, performance rating practice tool to help you become more familiar and comfortable with assessing employee performance. Take five minutes and try it today.

When you’re ready, there’s a Quick Reference Guide and a video to walk you through each step of the Workday manager evaluation and rating process. Find these resources and more on InsideCHI in Growth/Performance Management.

Questions? View the FAQ. More questions? Please contact your HR business partner.