New Employee Recognition Site is Live!

CHI Saint Joseph Health

Refer to this flyer and Q&A to learn more, including how you can download a mobile app for easier access!
Spirit of Appreciation – New and Improved Employee Recognition Site – is now live!

Appreciation is an important part of our culture. Our new employee recognition site, Spirit of Appreciation, helps you send a thumbs up for a job well done or celebrate a co-worker’s milestone event, like a service anniversary. You can give and receive recognition for living our core values, stopping an unsafe action, lending a hand and much more.

The new and improved recognition program is open to everyone employed by CHI Saint Joseph Health and it awards points you can redeem for thousands of items in our award catalog. If you had points in your previous account, all of the points have transferred to the new site. Refer to an email on July 22 from BI Worldwide, (displays as ‘Spirit of Appreciation, Mailbox’), prompting you to sign up and create a new profile/password for the new site.

Kickoff Incentives!
Complete the actions below and become eligible to be entered into a random drawing for 40 employee recognition points.

  • Kickoff Drawing #1: Sign up and create a new password for the new site between July 22 and Aug. 22. View Winners!
  • Kickoff Drawing #2: Send your first recognition between July 29 and Aug. 29. View Winners!
  • Kickoff Drawing #3: Add an avatar/set up your profile between Aug. 5 and Sept. 5. View Winners!
Winners will be notified by email. View all winners!