Prepare for Performance Discussions with Your Leader

CHI Saint Joseph Health

From now to Sept. 13, it’s time for performance discussions with your manager. If you haven’t scheduled your discussion, take time to check-in with your manager now to schedule.

The performance discussion is critical to helping you understand how you are doing and to discuss opportunities for your growth and development. Dedicate some thinking time to prepare. Please bring questions and items you want to discuss. During the discussion, you’ll review your self-evaluation and your manager’s evaluation and ratings. All employees who are rated as “meets expectations” and above will receive a 2% merit increase on their Oct. 25 paycheck.

Because we are building a culture of continuous coaching and development, this conversation is not a finale – it is a continuation of ongoing feedback, coaching and conversations that we want you and your manager to have throughout the year. We believe more feedback and greater transparency will help keep us aligned with our mission, and we will be more successful as an organization and individually. We all benefit when we continue to develop professionally and grow as a team.