Changes to Leader Rounding

CHI Saint Joseph Health

By Donny Johnson, MBA, CPXP, Market Director of Service Excellence

In the coming weeks you may notice additional managers, directors and senior leaders rounding in clinical areas. In response to requests from staff and in keeping with national best practices, leadership at CHI Saint Joseph Health facilities will be practicing a more intentional form of rounding on staff that focuses on direct operational issues and current needs and less on a general “how are things going?” interaction.

What you can expect is your manager spending focused time with you to ask how your job is going that day, what is working well, what resources and tools you may need that you don’t have, and other questions to learn more about how he or she can better support you. Additionally, you can expect leaders from other departments and senior leaders to spend time in departments to better understand the challenges faced by the staff, successes of the department, and to learn more about what can be done to improve both the staff and patient experiences. Patients tell us they want more time with caregivers and caregivers tell us they want more support from leadership. This is our opportunity as an organization to provide both.

The patient is at the center of our work but caregivers often find barriers that keep them from patient care. The role of the leader in our hospitals and outpatient clinics is to remove those barriers and allow those who are called to serve to use their talents to serve our patients, families and visitors. Your role in this is simple: Just have an honest conversation, provide your expertise and insight, and offer any suggestions you have for how your work can be better for you, our patients, or both. Consider the questions you have during your workday, the tools you need, and the ways that you can be supported in providing safe, high-quality care. Your conversation may range from specific equipment needs to aesthetic concerns to sharing a story about a great co-worker.

Rounding will be done to minimize the impact on your work and will be an opportunity for staff to have direct access to leaders in the organization. Very importantly, leaders will provide the follow-up and feedback to you to so that it’s clear what work has been done to address your needs and what work is still ongoing. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please reach out to your supervisor and share your thoughts.