2019 Online Policy Acknowledgement

CHI Saint Joseph Health

It's time for employees to provide acknowledgement for policies and procedures through Workday. CHI requires this to be completed on an annual basis. CHI manages employee policies online, through HR/Payroll Connection and local MBO or organizational intranet sites. It is our employees' responsibility to understand where relevant policies are stored for their work location, and to review these policies for changes at least once per year. All employees are required to electronically sign. This task is located in each employee’s "Inbox" as a Task. Each employee will only need to check the "I agree" box and then click "Submit."

The 2019 Online Policy Acknowledgement task will be available for all employees for 90 days. After 90 days, the task will be removed. It is up to managers to work with their direct reports to ensure that the task is completed. Managers can pull a report in Workday to see individuals who have/have not completed the task. View detailed instructions.