Demand More from Your Money & Health

CHI Saint Joseph Health

Fidelity Investments and WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) have teamed up to prepare an inspiring presentation about managing stress over money and health concerns. Watch CBS This Morning’s Gail King, WW’s President and CEO Mindy Grossman, and Fidelity’s President of Personal Investing Kathleen Murphy share their steps for giving your financial and physical wellness the attention they deserve.

Don’t forget, CHI employees and spouses* can join the WW Freestyle™ program or the WW for Diabetes program at more than 50% off WW standard costs.

We encourage you to learn more about your retirement savings plan and the WW offerings available to you. They’re just a couple of the valuable benefits we’re proud to offer you. Together, we’re stronger and healthier.

*You can participate if you are eligible for or enrolled in the CHI Medical Plan and your spouse may participate if they are enrolled in the CHI Medical Plan.